Welcome to my brand new website!  

On here, you can find everything from fashion, beauty, DIY and green wellness! Besides working a full-time job and trying to figure out the next step in my career, I am also a full-time content creator on YouTube (sarahhtranTV). So, what type of videos do I create?  I produce videos where I share my honest & genuine thoughts on everything beauty, green wellness, my DIYs, personal style when it comes to fashion, and my adventures when I get the chance to travel. 


  • 100% Vietnamese
  • I love day old popcorn
  • Dirty Chai Lattes
  • I'm indecisive 
  • I'm very nostalgic 
  • Reheated pizza in the oven always wins
  • I only like winter if I am snowboarding
  • March / Aries / Spring baby
  • Apparently, I am an ENFP