REVIEW | Pure Bath & Body (Natural Soaps)

Samantha from Pure Bath & Body reached out to me and asked if I would like to try some of her natural handcrafted soaps and I immediately accepted out of excitement! 

Her business is based out of Kelowna, BC. Canada and she makes all of her soaps in small batches by hand.  In this review, there are a few products I purchased myself to support her business and the rest were given to me. I will label the ones Samantha gave me with a "*" next to the product. 

All of her silk soaps are:
- 98% Natural
- Paraben FREE
- Petrolatum FREE
- Phthalate FREE 

Green Tea Bar Silk Soap - $5.50 CAD

Coconut Paradise Bar Silk Soap - $5.50 CAD

This has creamy top notes of toasted coconut, intricately blended with peaches, vanilla and base notes of rich butter.

Clementine Bar Silk Soap - $5.50 CAD

You get notes of fresh tangerine and orange mingled with sweet notes of carnation and base notes of soft powder. Fresh citrusy Satsuma scent.

Berry Bliss Cupcake Silk Soap - $8.50 CAD

This cupcake soap has aromas of succulent, ripe, luscious blackberries mingled with subtle musk and sweet fruit.

*Goddess Massage Bar - $5.00 CAD

This massage bar has a scent of jasmine with hints of citrus fruit. 

*Cuddles Bath Bomb XL - $7.00 CAD

This bath bomb has notes of vanilla, caramelized sugar and rich buttercream. Literally smells like you are soaking in a tub filled with creme brulee

*Lavender Dreams Bath Bomb S - Not available

*Berry Bliss Cake Slice Silk Soap - $11.50 CAD

This has the exact same scent and aromas as the Berry Bliss Cupcake soap above, except it is shaped into a cake slice!