DIY | Naturally Get Rid of Body Odor!

Sometime in high school I started to develop body odor and I remember having to buy a different deodorant every month because my body would eventually just become immune to the product.  The "Secret" brand deodorant never worked great for me. Their lovely fruity scents smelled great until it was mixed with my sweat and then it was no longer lovely.  After years and years of being very self conscious of my body scent and would avoid the upper hug (arms over the other person's shoulders) I decided to look for a natural alternative.  This all started because of my no-poo (no shampoo) journey since I was loving the natural methods and results.  One day while researching a remedy, I came across a site that recommended lemons!  I was skeptical since it is acidic but I read so many great reviews and results from just using this one ingredient that I had to try it for myself.  

After about a week, I started to notice my body odor disappear and it was not as strong.  My boyfriend who finds it cute that I produce more odor than he can was shocked at my results after using lemons!  

If you want to try this method, here are a few instructions and tips:

- Lemon OR Lime (whatever you prefer)


  1. Using a knife, cut a thin slice or wedge (you don't need a lot)
  2. Apply the slice/wedge directly to your armpit 
  3. Let it air dry or lightly pat dry with a paper towel
  4. DONE!


  • If you have sensitive skin, apply the lemon/lime wedge directly but remove the solution after 5-10 mins
  • If you find that you still have sensitive skin, squeeze a the lemon/lime juice and dilute it with water and apply with a cotton pad, or spray bottle
  • If you are STILL sensitive, dilute the lemon/lime juice with water and apply then remove the solution from your armpits after 5-10 mins
  • **DO NOT** apply the lemon/lime solution to your armpits if you plan on sun tanning and exposing your pits to the sun.