REVIEW | Common Goat Sense (All Natural)

Brittany from the Common Goat Sense reached out to me and asked if I would like to try out some of her products!  Her products are all handmade in small batches and her goats milk soaps are made by using goats milk from her own herd of goats! How cool is that?!

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Goats Milk

This soap is one of my ultimate favourites to date. The soap is super moisturizing, smells absolutely delicious and the oats that are embedded within the bar are exfoliating to the skin leaving it super soft and silky. I highly recommend trying out this product if you want to try one thing from her Etsy store!

Blackberry Sage Shave Bar |

This shave bar is very unique and definitely different if you are used to using conventional shave foams and creams.  With this bar, lather it in your hands while you're showering and you'll know it's ready when you get a gel-y, goopy consistency that sticks to your hand. Apply this onto your legs and shave away! This product is very moisturizing to the skin as well and doesn't leave your legs feeling dry after stepping out of the shower. Also, the scent of this shave bar is to die for! 

Lip Balm (Orange Cream) |

This lip balm might not look like anything special but the product itself is just amazing. First off, if you like the smell of creamsicles, you're going to love this.  It smells like the sweet vanilla mixed with the fresh orange sorbet however, the major plus is that it doesn't taste like anything!  My pet peeve is when I am at the gym and I have a lip product on and I take a swig of my water and it leaves a flavour around the mouth piece which will alter your water experience later. BLEGH! This lip balm on the other hand does not do that! AND it's super moisturizing.

All Purpose Healer Lotion Stick |

A lotion in a stick?! That's what I thought too! Definitely something you don't see all too often but it has come in handy a few times when I forgot to lotion my legs before going out.  What's great about this stick is that it's pretty easy to use, you just apply and rub it in. I also find that because it's in a stick form, it's very travel friendly since it won't explode in your purse! Maybe a great gift for a guy?  I found this lotion stick's scent very similar to the cinnamon hearts that come out around every Valentine's day (which I like)

Hand Sanitizer (Orange Spice) |  

This hand sanitizer in comparison to the traditional ones differ in a few ways.  With regular hand sanitizers, I find that it is very cold, dries out your hands and leaves a sticky residue.  With this Common Goat Sense one, because there is no use of alcohol, it actually is very moisturizing from the aloe gel and it also does not have the smell of alcohol. It smells just like orange spice (fall scent)

If you are interested in purchasing any of her products she supplied me with a coupon code for my readers and YouTube Subscribers.  Use the code "YOUTUBE6" and get 10% off of your order! Thank you Brittany :) 

*I am NOT getting paid or receiving any incentive if you use the coupon code*