Welcome to My Blog!

Hello my Friends!

Welcome to my blog! :) I've created this space just for you!

This blog is an extension of my YouTube channel and a place for those who have watched my videos and later want to create that DIY, recipe, or look, but don't want to re-watch the video just to get the information on the supplies you need or where I got those shoes from.  I will also be using this blog to add bonus information and details that I forgot to mention in my videos! 

My goal is to not only produce high quality videos for you, but also try to take photos to post on here.  Below this blog post, are my previous YouTube videos so if you haven't seen them, go give em a watch!

If you are not already subscribed to my YouTube channel, go on over and check it out: www.youtube.com/sarahhtranTV

What is MY channel about?

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