UPDATE | My Menstrual Cup Experience + Tips (Diva Cup)

I am back with some stories and tips on my first two times of using a menstrual cup! It was definitely an experience and I am still learning how to use it but I wanted to share some of my interesting stories and tips for those of you who are thinking about switching over or are in the process of learning and still have not gotten the hang of it! 

Instead of writing a detailed blog post, I highly suggest you watch my video as some of the details need a visual to explain lol. I hope this video will help you feel a little more relaxed about using it and know that you are not the only one going through with these interesting experiences! 

I hope you enjoy all my "That's what she said" moments in this one! 


Menstrual Cup Method?!

Guess what guys, I'm trying out another new method! 

I've known about this method for a while but could never get myself to actually try it since I felt like it was a lot of work constantly washing your hands and dealing with the product in public.  However, after watching Jen from "From Head to Toe" in a video where she talks about menstrual cups, I was convinced by the end of the 14 minutes and ordered myself the Diva Cup.  If you are interested in how my experience goes with it be sure to subscribe and keep your eyes peeled for an update video! :) x