REVIEW | ThinTea (Detox, Fat Burn teas) With Photos!

First off, I would like to thank ThinTea for allowing me to test their products out and for also sending an extra package for my best friend Rachael to try it with me.

ThinTea is a 100% natural, preservative-free tea that contains certified organic ingredients.  On their website they say in 7 days you'll notice:

  • an increase in energy
  • a lower appetite
  • a stronger immune system
  • an increase in your metabolism
  • clearer skin
  • overal health improvements
  • improvements in your body's ability to expel waste while retaining nutrients
  • a reduction in digestive upset

I can't say that I experienced all of these things but I will tell you what I did notice:

  • Reduction in bloating
  • Improvements in my body's ability to expel waste while retaining nutrients
  • Less cravings for sugary snacks
  • Loss a little bit of stomach weight

Before starting this tea, I was a little bit "heavier" than usual from eating at the cottage (photo of me at the cottage a week before I started this tea below) and going to summer parties and what not. ThinTea reached out to me at a good time, I knew I had gained some belly weight but everywhere else I was my usual size (arms, legs, etc.). To give you some background, I usually workout 4-6 days a week but there are some times especially during the summer when there are so many things to do and events happening where I don't work out for a week.  

Me at the cottage in August a week before I started Thin Tea

Me at the cottage in August a week before I started Thin Tea


I found this tea was easy to incorporate into my routine. I just made a cup first thing in the morning and had it with my breakfast. Once in a while I found that it got my bowels moving even though it doesn't contain any laxatives.


I loved the taste of this tea. It just tastes like regular ole peppermint tea, however, I did find this one a little bit more difficult to follow. The instructions tell you to drink this tea 20 minutes before your dinner and for me, that is a little tough to remember. I finish work at 4:00 PM, go straight to the gym, work out for about an hour and a half, come back home, drink protein, and by that point, my dinner is ready.  I was good with following the instructions for maybe a week and then ended up drinking either with my dinner or after.


With the first set of photos I am going to show you, it shows a side profile and front view comparison of my body from day 1 to day 10 (approx). I was so shocked to see how quickly the tea worked it's magic. A lot of the bloating and "heavier" stomach weight had gone down and I was pleasantly surprised!

The next set of photos are just a comparison of my Day 1, Day  10 (approx) and my last day of use (end of 3 weeks).  As you can see there is a huge difference from day 1 compared to the other two photos. However, there are minor differences between the 1.5 week photo to the 3 week photo. Personally, if I lost any more weight than those photos I don't think I would be all that healthy since I am naturally thin. 

Keep in mind that I am a regular gym-goer and have never been over-weight for my size. I am sure that this tea would work differently on other people and I have seen the photos on ThinTea's Instagram where they show some amazing, realistic improvements.  If you are going to buy this tea, do not just purchase it because you want to lose 10-12 lbs. Losing weight takes discipline and a healthy lifestyle.  ThinTea does help with the progress but you must also eat clean, and work out to see major changes. They also have an app where they share some healthy recipes (which I do find are mostly vegetarian/vegan). However, I do not follow any strict diet and did not follow their recommended diet while trying this tea. With that being said, I am very happy with the results from using this tea. 

If you are interested in purchasing this tea to try, you can use my PROMO CODE: "SarahTranTV15" for 15% off your order.

The one I used in this review was the Bestie Package. It came with 2 Detox teas, 2 Fat Burn Blend Teas, and 2 Tea diffusers. I gave the other half of the package to my bestie, Rach to try it as well.  If you want to hear Rachael's thoughts on the tea check out the video below.